1-3 Months Before Retirement

To Do list 3 months:

  1. Compare costs and coverage between your JHU retiree medical and other options.
    • Age 65 and over, compare JHU retiree medical with other Medicare supplemental and prescription plans. Contact Mercer if you want assistance with the comparison.
    • Under age 65, compare JHU retiree medical with plans on the healthcare exchange.
  2. 3 months before your retirement date, meet with the retirement specialist in the Benefits Service Center to go over all of your retiree benefits and get costs. Decide what coverage you want (e.g. medical, dental, life insurance, etc.). You may begin enrollment paperwork within a month of retirement.
  3. 3 months before your retirement date…
    • If you are age 65+, begin the enrollment for Medicare Parts A and B so that it will begin when your JHU employee coverage ends, thereby avoiding a gap in medical coverage.
    • After enrolling in Parts A and B you may begin enrolling in supplemental and prescription insurance. Visit our webpage on Medicare and watch the video to learn more.
    • If you are under age 65, research your options for medical coverage (e.g. JHU retiree medical, COBRA, spouse’s insurance or the Healthcare Exchange) and prepare to enroll.
  4. If you plan to collect social security immediately upon your JHU retirement, you may enroll up to three months ahead of the month in which you want payments to start.
  5. If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you will want to try to spend your balance prior to your last day worked. You will have 120 days to submit for reimbursement for any expenses incurred prior to your last day worked.

To Do list 2 months:

  1. If you have a JHU pension, request the final paperwork from Empower 2 months prior to retirement to initiate payments.
  2. If you wish to begin taking 403(b) distributions, contact TIAA to begin the process.

To Do list 1 month:

  1. Submit your official resignation/retirement letter in the appropriate time frame (see the JHU policy on voluntary termination). Some positions require 2 weeks’ whereas other positions require 4 weeks’ notice. Work with your supervisor to wrap up your responsibilities.
  2. Give yourself time to process the emotional side of making this transition.

JHU Benefits

Reach us at benefits@jhu.edu or 410-516-2000.

Obtaining Health Insurance in Retirement

If you are under age 65 at retirement, research your options on purchasing health insurance. Some options include JHU retiree medical, COBRA, health insurance through your spouse’s employer if they are working full-time, or the open marketplace. If you will be living in Maryland, you can search the insurance broker directory on the Maryland Health Connection for assistance.

If you are age 65+ at retirement, you may use the Mercer Marketplace 365+ to help you compare the JHU retiree medical with other supplemental plans. Your local State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) can also assist you with Advantage plans, Medigap, and Part D policies. Visit our Medicare webpage to learn more.

Medicare & Social Security

Support Yourself

For 18 months after retirement, you are entitled to use the services of the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program (JHEAP). In addition to counseling, this benefit offers on-line resources for estate planning, relocation, physical wellness, discount programs, and more. Visit CCA@YourService (Company Code: JHEAP) to access resources. Call (888-978-1262) or chat on-line through Live Connect.